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Defending the Accused Attorney Williams upholds the same fighting mentality that characterized his time in the Army.

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Of all the crimes with which a person can be charged, few carry more stigma than sex crimes. Even an accusation of a sex offense can hurt your chances at obtaining employment, a place to live, or even walking around your neighborhood in peace. The impact on your life can be much worse if you are convicted. If you were charged with a sex crime, it is important that you immediately get the help of a qualified Ocala sex crimes lawyer who can help you plan an effective defense and avoid the devastating consequences of a conviction.

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Fighting the Charges

There are many different reasons why a person could be accused of a sex crime, and not all of them are because the event actually took place. Many times, people use these accusations to hurt another person’s reputation or gain an advantage in a parenting situation. No matter how serious the charges against you may be, it is crucial that you get started on building your defense right away. JW Law has helped many of our clients to obtain favorable outcomes following their legal challenges, and we may be able to help you avoid a conviction or have the charges against you reduced.

Our team may be able to help you prove that:

  • The other person involved gave their consent: While many accusations of sexual assault are true, some are fabricated after the fact for various reasons. Our team may be able to find evidence proving the charges against you are false.
  • You are not the perpetrator: Some victims of sex crimes identify the wrong person when bringing accusations to police. We may be able to show that you were somewhere else when the crime happened, or that you could not have been the person accused.
  • The crime of which you were accused never happened: Whether or not you are guilty of a sex offense, it is important that your case is charged fairly and you are given a fair sentence for what happened. We may be able to help the courts reduce or drop your charges.

In all these cases, preparation and planning are key. You need to have adequate time to review the evidence against you and build a strong defense.

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At JW Law, we are committed to protecting your constitutional rights, no matter how desperate your situation may feel. Our legal system affords you innocence until you are proven guilty. It is our job to ensure the charges brought against you are based only in fact and nothing else. The more time we have to work on your case, the better your chances will be of obtaining a favorable outcome for your situation. Call today and get started.

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How Will We Defend Your Case?

  • Jerrod served in the U.S. Army as an Officer and he uses the same fighting mentality for his clients.
  • We see the person for the person and the matter for the matter.
  • The Constitution is our basis as we fight for the rights of our clients.
  • We tailor our approach to your specific case.

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