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Defending the Accused Attorney Williams upholds the same fighting mentality that characterized his time in the Army.

Ocala Domestic Violence Lawyer

Protect Your Rights to See Your Family in Marion County

When a person is accused of endangering their family members, there can be serious consequences that could include protective orders and criminal charges of violence. If you were charged with domestic violence, you need to get help right away. At JW Law, our Ocala criminal defense lawyer stands ready to take your side and work to protect your rights. No matter how frustrated you may feel, you can benefit from a free consultation with our team to learn more about how to proceed. Call today to get started.

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Why You Should Fight the Charges

While there are cases where a violent act was committed that warrants a criminal charge, there are some cases where a person uses the domestic violence accusation as a way to gain control in a tense situation. Perhaps the other parent wanted custody, or maybe they needed a way to move out of the state with legal recourse. In any case, it is important that you prove your innocence and avoid a conviction, and the only way to do that is with careful planning and tenacious representation.

Our team may be able to help you prove that:

  • You are not the guilty party in this crime: This would be because the crime was committed by someone else. This often occurs when someone other than the victim reports the incident in hopes to prevent a tragedy. Oftentimes, they do not know who was guilty, and they may make incorrect assumptions.
  • The allegations were false: If the alleged victim used a domestic violence accusation to gain some sort of advantage, our team may be able to prove your innocence.
  • You acted in self-defense: In many cases of domestic violence, there is more that takes place than what gets reported by police. You may have been protecting your children or avoiding being harmed yourself, causing the other person to get angry and report abuse.
  • There was consent: Not all domestic violence reports begin as assaults. Sometimes, what was initially a consensual act becomes a means to report someone for unlawful behavior.
  • The other party has no proof: No matter what, there must be proof of the claims against you. At JW Law, we take the time to ensure the other party’s case withstands intense questioning and criticism. Let us help you raise doubt about their claims.

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JW Law offers free consultations to help you understand the charges you face and what to do to prepare for them. Our goal is to help you tell your side of the story in a compelling way and avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction. Just because you were accused does not make you a bad person, and we want to help you stand strong against the charges against you. Let us help.

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How Will We Defend Your Case?

  • Jerrod served in the U.S. Army as an Officer and he uses the same fighting mentality for his clients.
  • We see the person for the person and the matter for the matter.
  • The Constitution is our basis as we fight for the rights of our clients.
  • We tailor our approach to your specific case.

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